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1. De-reservation of SSI products:

Government of India, vide Notification No.S.O.603(E), dated 29th June 2001
de-reserved the following products, hitherto reserved for SSI sector:

1.Leather pickers and other leather accessories for textile industry 
2.Vegetable tanned hides and skins-semi finished 
3.Chrome tanned hides and skins - semi finished 
4.Harness leather 
5.Leather shoes 
6.Leather washers and laces 
7.Moulded rubber soles and heels for footwear (except for captive consumption), 
8.Toys excluding electronic toys
9.Flexible polyurethane foam
10.Polyurethane shoe soles 
11.Plastic toys excluding electronic toys
12.Shoe tacks 
13.Shoe eyelets 
14.Mechanical toys.


2.Recognition of Water Mills (Gharat) as Small Scale Industry

A notification recognizing Water Mills (Gharat) as an industrial activity has been issued vide Development Commissioner, Small Scale Industries, Ministry of SSI & ARI, New Delhi letter No. 5(1)/2001-SSI (Bd. & Pol.), dated 28.5.2001. The activity shall be eligible for registration as Small Scale Industry.

Increase in investment limits for SSIs in the Hosiery and hand tools industry from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 5 crores:

Cotton cloth knitted
Cotton vests knitted 
Cotton socks knitted
Cotton undergarments knitted
Cotton shawls knitted
Other cotton knitted wears
Woollen cloth knitted
Woollen vests knitted
Woollen socks knitted
Woollen scarves knitted
Wollen undergarments knitted
Woollen caps knitted
Woollen caps knitted
Woolen shawls knitted
Woollen gloves
Wollen mufflers knitted
Other woollen knitted wears
Art silk/man made fibre hosiery
Synthetic knitted socks and stocking
Synthetic knitted underwears such as vest, briefs and drawer
Synthetic knitted outerwears such as jersey, slipovers, pullover, cardigans and jackets
Synthetic knitted children wear such as baby suits, knickers, frocks, underwear and outerwear 

Synthetic knitted fabrics except high pile fabric made by silver knitting and synthetic knitted blankets
Synthetic knitted swim wear such as trunk and costume
Synthetic knit wear such as scarf, muffler, shawl, cap, ties, blouse and jean
Synthetic knitted shirt, t shirt, collar shirt and sports skirts
Synthetic knitted hose
Synthetic knitted gas mantle fabric
Other synthetic knitwear
Hacksaw frames
Screw drivers
Hammers, anvils
Wood working saws
Knives and shearing blades, all types including those of metal, paper, bamboo and 
Wood for manual operations
Nail pullers
Wire cutters
Other hand tools for blacksmiths, carpentry, hand forging foundry etc.

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