Technology Resource Center

The services offered in TRC s:

  • One stop centre for all technological information related needs
  • Exclusive facilities for SSI entrepreneur
  • Dedicated technocrats for locating resources
  • Advice on Right, Authentic & Cost effective Technologies

Information available

  • Access to wide range of latest technologies

  • Global reach at nominal cost for availing technologies

  • Comprehensive information on Govt. policies on technology transfer, joint ventures matchmaking etc.

  • Links to various national sites dealing with technologies for small and medium enterprises.

  • Access to wide range of database on industry information, consultants, machinery supplier etc.

  • Feasibility studies, potentiality surveys, project reports etc.

Who can benefit:

  • All SSI & Tiny Industries
  • NGOs in the service of SSIs
  • Consultants in the field
  • Technology transfer agencies seeking link
  • Technology generators
  • International agencies facilitating SMEs

Extracts from various technical bulletins: Click here


SISI has a user center node of Small Enterprise Information Network (SENET). The SENET provides intranet to create a network and database for small enterprises in order to promote network alliance among the information service providers such as SSIs/Private/Public Sectors.

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