Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a Small Scale Industry ?

If the investment in plant & machinery does not exceed Rs.100 lakhs, it is termed as a Small Scale Industry.

If the investment in plant & machinery does not exceed Rs.25 lakhs, it is termed a Tiny Enterprise irrespective of its location.


What is an SSSBE ?

Small Scale Service and Business Establishment with an investment in fixed assets upto Rs.10 lakhs for Service and upto Rs.5 lakhs for Business activity, irrespective of location comes under this category.


Who needs training ?

A first generation entrepreneur needs training in entrepreneurial skills, management aspects, manufacturing/service activity, conducting surveys to find market potential and present status, financial schemes etc.


What is a detailed project report ?

It is a plan of action with compilation of project details containing product details, process of manufacture, details of plant & machinery, raw materials required, production schedule, assessment of working capital, source and application of funds, market analysis, profitability analysis, cash flow, repayment schedules etc. It is also known as a bankable project report.


What is a Market Survey Report ?

It is a detailed report containing information about competitors, market conditions, demand-supply position, marketing channels, target market, factors likely to effect market such as policy, demand forecasting, consumer behavior etc.


Which agency provides provisional and permanent registration ?

District Industries Center (DIC) of the concerned district.


Which type of SSIs need licenses ?

Units manufacturing Food products, Environment pollution creating products, Polluting chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Leather tanneries, Metallurgical products, Products that are hazardous in nature need licenses from the respective State/Central Govt Agencies.


Which agencies provide finance ?

Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation, Commercial Banks, SIDBI, special agencies like Women Finance Corporation, BC/SC/Minority Development Finance Corporations, KVIC, KVIB etc. are the agencies that provide finance.


Who provides infrastructure facilities ?

AP Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) provides plots/sheds. It also ensures the supply of power, water, effluent treatment and basic infrastructure facilities like roads, drains, communications etc. through developed industrial estates.


What types of activities can be taken up in the Small Scale Sector?

Any industrial or consumer product or service can be taken up in the Small Scale Sector, if the investment criteria mentioned above are satisfied. About 700 items are now reserved for manufactured in the Small Scale Sector. For the list click here


What are the other important addresses of developmental agencies ?

1. Commissioner of Industries
Chirag Ali Lane, Abids
Hyderabad 500 001
Ph.: 23202131

2. Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation
Chirag Ali Lane, Abids
Hyderabad 500 001
Ph.: 27126036, 27126426

3.Small Industries Development Bank of India
(SIDBI) Chapel Road, Abids,
Ph.: 23234445
Fax: 23236870

RTC Cross Roads, Hyderabad
Ph.: 27126036, 27126426
Fax: 27127320

Parisram Bhavan Basheerbagh,
Hyderabad 4
Ph.: 23237622-5,
Fax: 23240205


6.Khadi & Village Industries Commission
Gandhi Bhawan
Nampally, Hyderabad 500 001
Ph: 24602717


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