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Synopsis of Anantapur District Potentiality Report

1.          Anantapur district is the biggest district of the state of Andhra Pradesh accounting for 6.7% of the total geographical area of the state.

2.         It is one of the prominent districts of the Rayalaseema Region of the state comprising 964 revenue villages managed by 69 revenue mandals and administered by 3  revenue divisions.

3.         Anantapur district is found as the driest part of the country with the second lowest average rainfall of 520.4mm after Jaisalmer district in the state of Rajasthan and is classified as tropical arid with aridity index of 72.5%.

4.        The total population of the district is 3.63 lakh. Out of which 74.72% are rural population whose principal occupation is agriculture.

5.         Out of the total geographical area of 19,13,492 hectares, about 54.66% is under net area sown and 10.28% of area is barren and uncultivable land.

6.         Agriculture is the main occupation of the district and food crops and oil seeds are the main crops.

7.        The district is considered pioneer in the production of oil seeds specially about 71.7% of the total cropped area is under groundnut cultivation. The production of groundnut here is highest in the Rayalaseema region as well as the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the strong points of the district.

8.        Citrus, Mango, Papaya and tamarind are the main horticultural crops widely grown in the district.

9.        The district also produces Jasmine, Crossandra and Marigold along with vegetable and spices.

10.     Anantapur district again stands first in the state of Andhra Pradesh in sericulture activities with about 53,335 acres under Mulberry plantation under irrigation covering 48105  sericulturists. The    production of reeling cocoons in the district per year is around 19,428 metric tonnes worth 1834.70 lakhs.

11.       Among live stock resources sheep is very popular resource which is quite suitable to grow as per the geographical conditions due to which the sheep population of the district is 11.20% of the states sheep population.

12.      Anantapur district is the only district in the state where wide range of minerals from limestone, granite to diamonds gold and coloured   stones are available.

13.      This district is bestowed with one of the rare sources of solar energy i.e. Wind power. Due to the availability of high velocity winds about 66.74 MW installed capacity of wind power plants are established.

14.      There are about 47 large and medium scale industries in the district with a capital investment of 33148.63 lakhs out of these about 24 units are of wind power generation.

15.      There are about 7000 permanently registered small scale units at Anantapur as on 32.3.2003 with an investment of 1d2355555.76 lakhs employing about 40080 persons. The small scale sector is dominated by food based, mineral based and service sector.

16.     Nimmalakunta  puppetry is one of the famous traditional handicraft cluster thriving well in the district.

17.      The district has a very strong handloom base which is proud of producing the famous Dharmavaram  Saree and about 20000 households with 45,000 people engaged in this activity producing cloth worth Rs.704.34 lakhs and Rs.52.21 lakh worth of wool.

18.     Anantapur district is proud to have the prestigious Oil Technological Research Institute (OTRI) which is only one of its kind in India devoted for research and development of oil seeds.

19.      Prominent non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like YIP, RDT and twenty other  NGOs are actively engaged in all the developmental activities of the district.

20.     Taking into consideration the resources and infrastructure facilities available, 22 candidate based industries, 61 resources based industries and 179 demand based industries with the details of fixed capital working capital, labour and potential areas of location are suggested.

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